Well, the answer is all of the above. It has been a long journey for India to reach a top rated in outsourcing.

A report cited by researchers says that among 80% of Europeans and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. Considering the technical skills, quality, commitment of suppliers and economic equivalence between the developed and developing nations.

However, there are many outsourcing competitors emerged for India including countries like China, Vietnam, Philippines, but India has managed to outwit all others and loom as the top outsourcing harbor.

The labor cost in India is much lower as compared to other outsourcing locations, but that doesn’t mean the quality of work is poor.

Now average wage of Chinese employee U$13000-15000 per year(it depends skill and the type of industry). Where as in India average wage of a employee is now U$8500-9000 (it depends skill and the type of industry). So directly manpower cost is reduced. For the same expense we get labor for 40% less.

For example Software Company in the US, if you hire an in-house developer it may cost you around $80 per hour, whereas if you outsource to India it can be negotiated around $15 per hour. So you can say that outsourcing is one of the cost-effective solutions for businesses in the developed countries.

As India has the highest ISO certified firms so the quality is nowhere compromised.

According survey in India literate rate is especially in Technical education, So most of people in India speak English, which is one of the great benefits for businesses to communicate without any language barrier.

Moreover, India has more English-Speaking people as compared to US and UK, even, road signs in India are marked in English. This is typically the effect of British colonial rule, which resulted in English being taught in India at very initial stage in schools.  Besides, people are keenly available on all advanced digital communication medium.

Besides, cost-saving factor, even the quality service offered by India has made it the front-runner in the outsourcing industry among others.

Indian outsourcing companies are able to offer the quickest and quality time-to-market due to time zone differences.

The 12-hour time differences between India and USA provides companies with plentiful opportunities for work to be completed earlier than predicted, leading to greater efficiency, increased productivity and more time to work on other crucial account abilities. So, India is able to serve 24/7 to various countries.

Outsourcing services are used by businesses to focus on their competencies rather than managing non-core tasks.

When the business scale up you need to deal with many customers efficiently to survive in this competitive market and handling plethora of customers can enable you to focus on marketing, sales, accounting, and other core tasks. This will eventually result in poor business productivity. So, outsourcing service providers of India can help you with various back-office services that you wish to outsource.

About Eazee

Yes. The Eazee is founded by the members who have more than 20 years of experience in Technology and engineering industry globally.

Eazee located in the Indian city, Chennai. Chennai is the India’s one of the best business city.

Chennai is the leading automobile hub in India. It has more than 30000 Industry based on automotive.

Airport and harbor located within the city. This the main advantage of export and outsourcing in Chennai. Local transportation cost and transport time is no concern on lead time.

Yes, Eazee has a technical team who will evaluate you RFQ first. Id any data further input required they will deal with you before commences any activity.

Yes, Eazee has it supporting vendors who are well experienced in modeling and drafting needs. If you provide the CAD model or assembly we will get it done from our sources and proceed with your approval.

Yes,  Eazee has it associated manufacturing facility to develop protons and evaluate the suppliers parts during quality inspection and sampling.

Eazee has dedicated purchase team. They will act as your purchaser in local industry with their expertise. Quality of products will be evaluated by the proper records and by technical exports as specified by you if required.

This flaw less system will help you increase productivity and concentrate on your core activity efficiently.

Shipment fulfillment will taken care by our team

Yes. Eazee will support you in local visits and suppliers meets.

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