Manufacturer & Supplier Selection

Eazee is supporting for our customers in identifying the right suppliers and offering a tailored solution built around Buyers’ needs. Over the past many 20 of sourcing for experience, we have visited hundreds suppliers. We also constructed very detailed data base of qualified vendors based on their product range, quality of the product made, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and their overall quality policy. We continuously update our information on new manufacturers and new products and information pertaining to new varieties of technology additions. In the Sourcing Report, we provide Buyers with a lot of key information of suppliers including products they produce, markets they supply to, capacity and scales, experience, certificates they achieved. The information is collected and inspected by us will be a trusted source for Buyer’s making decision

Once the information has been verified with our Technical Team, we will clearly communicate all of the requirements to potential suppliers. All of our suppliers are audited by our team to ensure that their capabilities and previous production experience match the requirements of Buyer’s products. We have been successfully executing this service since 2016

Advantages of selecting Eazee manufacturing sourcing from India

  • Increased reach to low cost suppliers in India
  • Over 20 years experience in Indian product industry team
  • Reduced cost- through local sourcing management and reduced time- through availability of pre-qualified suppliers
  • Local presence leading to improved supplier management and professional project management
  • Internally developed framework for supplier Assessment and qualification
  • Dedicated purchase team in sourcing, supplier assessment, supplier quality, component quality
  • Familiarity with geographical issues particularly in manufacturing hubs of India
  • Strong expertise in manufacturing processes