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Many OEMS are prefer to get the Sub-Assemblies get it done for low cost for manage the total cost of product. As we described many pages the India has quality product maker with skilled quality labors and good heritage among the nation. People are committed to work and the promise.

Sourcing all the product in India and building assembly at your country may be expensive and time loss. It would prefer to do Sub-assembly in India. By this you avoid labor cost, labor management, space and other related indirect cost.


Manufacturing across multiple products categories. no longer be worry about wrong shipments, misunderstanding claims, disruption in supply.

  • Raw Material Control
  • Labor Resources
  • Labor Cost Advantage
  • Quality Equipment
  • Rich Cultural Heritage

Our core strengths

Sourcing all the product in India and building assembly at your country

  • Contract Manufacturing – Motion Control Assemblies
  • Precision positioning and motion systems
  • Specialists in gears, bearings, motors, precision assemblies
  • Manufacturing excellence and ultimate quality
  • Reliability in design, and total partnership with our customers

The Results

From Prototype to Production CGI Inc. is your Single-Source Supplier for Contract Manufacturing and Electromagnetically Sub assembly requirements. Our custom engineered OEM solutions utilize Eazee’s expertise in process controls of precision components, gearing, assembly, testing, of precision motion control build to print as well as DFM practices

Mechanical vs Electro Mechanical

  • Mechanical
  • Electro Mechanical